A leading provider or growth and transactional advisory services to mid-sized companies throughout the Western US. DCA also provides growth and expansion capital to growth oriented companies led by talented executive teams. For sell-side mergers and acquisitions, contact Ronald G. Crane, Managing Director and Head of Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions.


Projectivity Solutions

Does your business team talk a great game and then fail to deliver the results you need? Are you working tirelessly to improve business knowledge and process improvement… and still not getting the results you need? We help executives and leaders by providing strategies and skills for clarifying direction, accelerating productivity, implementing new capabilities, and inspiring collaborative team work.


Employee Benefits

Silvers HR

We know what it means when your business is facing a serious HR issue. You need help you can trust, a focus on the real priorities, and common sense solutions that minimize exposure risks for your business. Our approach is to deliver practical, cost effective solutions that allows you to be proactive in managing your HR program.


Website Design & Solutions

Equine Online Design

Providing website solutions from partial help, sub-contract work, to full-scale site implementation. We specializing in Custom WordPress Websites, always designed to maximize the user experience. We are highly reliable, deliver on-time, and also offer ongoing maintenance and support, social media set up, logo and custom art development, and website training in person or by phone. 


Health Management Options

Helping businesses through the current and upcoming maze of legislative mandates including expanded coverage, health insurance reform, fees and taxes, expanded insurance coverage, health plan administration, coverage mandates, health insurance exchanges, health insurance reform and employer wellness programs.


Advisory / M&A Services

Business Incubation


Provides convenient on-site, on-demand services related to ensuring a safe and secure environment for you, your co-workers, and your family. Services include employee drug and alcohol testing, family drug and alcohol testing, DNA testing and fingerprinting and background check services.


HR Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Leadership Consulting

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Corporate Communication Privacy

Family Owned Business Consulting

Secured Communications

With former senior FBI, law enforcement and technology leaders, Secured Communications, LLC. is the standard for secure, interoperable public safety and corporate communications. Offering its enterprise communication suite, Secured Communications' proprietary Command Center interconnects web, PC and mobile devices in a Global Secured Network® for secure encrypted message, voice and file sharing.



Argus Holdings

We are a global strategic business incubation holding company. Because of the changing nature of the global marketplace we recognizes and embraces the need for change in the way business is conducted. From concept to company, and from entrepreneur to enterprise, our purpose and passion is business incubation. Argus’ focus is to create enduring social and economic value for our portfolio companies.


Beyond the Business

Is the Family Drama Vortex shattering your family business legacy? We help multi-generation family owned businesses identify the cultural factors creating the most drag on productivity and profit, and then develop cost-effective solutions that will yield a high return on investment.