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No business owner is born an expert in every aspect of business. We all learn from mentors, studying and hard knock mistakes. So when there's an opportunity to learn from others who have developed an expertise in a particular aspect of business, take it!  That's why we offer these free guides. Because if the ideas, tips and methods presented are helpful, then you just might ask us what else we can do to help your business. 

Why Marketing Fails

An Insider's Guide On How to Fix Your Marketing

This 52-page guide covers...

  • How to fix the marketing blunders you're making
  • What marketing is worth to your bottom line
  • How to develop a marketing strategy that works
  • The power of offers done the right way
  • How to close more prospects into customers
  • Creating a killer customer acquisition strategy
  • Better ways to build customer and brand loyalty
  • Why you must know what your customers think
  • The right way to make opt-in email pay big
  • ​​​and more!

The Facts About Effective Marketing

Why Most Marketing Fails and How To Fix It

  • ​Why most marketing fails (you're not alone)
  • Does this sound familiar? The big mistakes
  • ​Where businesses go wrong in their marketing
  • ​​What your business needs to fix your marketing 
  • Now look at your website (because it's key)
  • How to avoid the biggest web site mistakes
  • and more!

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What Are They Really Thinking

Do You Really Know What Your Customers Think

  • What customers opinions could be costing you
  • Understanding customer expectations is critical
  • Why just fixing complaints is not enough
  • Just how "satisfied" is satisfied for customers
  • Complaining customers talk and talk and talk!
  • 10 reasons why you should survey your customer
  • The path to loyalty is knowing what they want
  • Loyalty pays in lifetime customer value
  • and more!